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Harbor Tugs Return to Port at Sunset

“Harbor Tug Facts; Historically tugboats were the first seagoing vessels with steam propulsion, providing freedom from the restraint of the wind. As such, they were employed in harbors to assist ships in docking and departure. River tugs River tugs are also referred to as towboats or pushboats. Their hull designs would make open ocean operation dangerous. River tugs usually do not have any significant hawser or winch. Their hulls feature a flat front or bow to line up with the rectangular stern of the barge”


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Harbor Watch Publishing Via has been offering information since early 1998. We have grown out of this websites primary location to include not only the Vermont area but also all of New England and soon beyond to all the shores and ports we can list. We hope you enjoy the website and feel free to send along information you feel will help make this a great Port of Call for the lover of Seaports, and Lake Marina’s.

Very few things strike the imagination like a Harbor Port. Whether it is Lake Champlain in Vermont, a lakes region port in NH, or the charming ocean port of Boothbay Harbor Maine, they are all exciting and adventurous in there own and unique way. The harbor has always been the center of activity in any port of call, and for most creates visions of pirates, sea captains, fishing boats and lighthouses.

Harbor Tugs in NY Harbor

Visiting harbor communities will offer you the ability to cruise many fine shops, restaurants, timeshares, hotels, and local artist’s exhibiting their hand made crafts. The Harbor Port of most coastal towns offers a look into the past as well as the night life anticipated by today’s coastal traveler. So whether visiting and old Irish pub, or the bright lights of a modern club, the harbor is sure to excite you. Let harbor watch be your port of call when seeking that water front destination or information to the many fine stops on your journey.

The ports of many fine cities access a wonderful array of fine Islands to visit. Whether by boat, ferry, plane or car the hundreds of islands doted along the coastal communities is endless. Harbor Watch is all about Harbor Ports, Seacost News, It’s history, and each of their unique and wonderful charms. Whether a lake port, or or one of the many ocean harbors that sit along the many miles of endless coastline. Harbor Watch is the place we may be, with our feet up on the deck of a seaside porch, or the side railing of a sleek sailboat, canvas flapping in the oceans breeze.

Welcome it…  The harbor beckons to us.

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