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Lake Champlain Sportsfishing Association. YAK visits Lake Champlain Really fun site.   Want to learn what it would be like to cross the Atlantic in a 19-ft Nacra Inter Catamaran? The latest news, updates and their position will be posted daily at http://www.bouscholte.com   DN Ice Boat Class Page  Birds of the Champlain Islands – P


Lake Champlain Towns



  • St. Alban’s Area State Parks St. Albans Bay has been a vacationers’ destination since the late 1800’s, when luxury steamboats carried passengers to ports along Lake Champlain. This is the place to look if you are planning on camping on Lake Champlain.


Science and the Environment


Recreation Paddling

  • Ever wonder what it would be like to paddle from New York City to Canada? Robert Huszar dreamed it, did it and wrote about it in The Paddle to Canada: Lake Champlain . “This then is my encounter with the lake, or more accurately, the journal of my literary musings while waiting in my tent for the storms to clear.”






Recreation General

Law Enforcement

  • The EPA on Lake Champlain

Lake Champlain History

  • Check out Lake Champlain’s namesake USS Lake Champlain .
  • The War on Lake Champlain – contains the contents of letters from the War of 1812, including letters from Commodore Thomas MacDonough.
  • Champlain Basin Glacial History – Charlotte, The Vermont Whale
  • Nathaniel Hawthorn visited Lake Champlain in 1835. His observations are detailed in The Inland Port , published in New-England Magazine No. 9, December, 1835. Quite amusing!
  • Treasure Hunting in the News –Lake Champlain is one of the most historic bodies of water in North America, a place described by historian Ralph Narding Hill as a “silver dagger from Canada to the heartland of the American colonies that forged the” destiny of France and England in America, and of the United States.
  • Lake Champlain Maritime Museum –Come discover why Lake Champlain is perhaps the most historic body of water in North America. Shipwrecks, artifacts and replica vessels help to tell the story.

General Lake Champlain

  • The Westport Marina provides complete services and has a complete web site.
  • Visit the North Hero House! Walt Blasberg has remade this 100+ year old inn into the quintessential country lake side resort. It should definitely be a stop on any cruise of the Lake Champlain Inland Sea.
  • The Coast Guard Station Burlington now has a web site. Thomas R. Hall has pulled together a nice collection of images and information that remind us of just how much the Coast Guard does on Lake Champlain.
  • Lake Champlain Ferries has three convenient crossings: Grand Isle, VT – Plattsburgh, NY; Burlington, VT – Port Kent, NY; Charlotte, VT – Essex, NY



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