Boating is not only an american past time but a human past time. Sailing boats around the world, for a holiday trip, or to wage war, to find new territory.


Boats are up for charter most of the time, whether you want a boat for racing, a charter boat for fishing, or just charting boating.


Sailing yachts either around the world or within your own shores is an excitement that can not be explained in words, living by the winds and the current is daring to say the least.


Charting a luxury yacht is a gavorite of the weathy, and if given the opportunity something that should be done


 Menu— Race OrganizersSailing EducationPHRFCrew Call— Racing happens all over Lake Champlain. Don’t let inexperience stop you! If you want to learn how to race, contact one of the race organizers below, they will be glad to give you a hand.

There are midweek evening races, weekend races, marathons, one design races, dinghy races, handicap races, junior races and collegiant racing. During the winter there is ice boat racing… something for everybody at every level.

Keep in mind that you don’t need to own a boat to enjoy racing. Crew is always in demand.

Past Year’s Results
Lake Champlain Community Sailing Center Challenge

Valcour Race (VSC)

Lake Champlain Racing Conference
Mayor’s Cup Results
Mayor’s Cup Photos
1998 1997
DN North Americans Plattsburgh Mayor’s Cup
Plattsburgh Mayor’s Cup Royal Savage
Omnium ’98 Lake Champlain Racing Conference
Lake Champlain Racing Conference Omnium
Organizations That Run Races:

Organizing Authority




Charlott Sailing Center McNeil Cove Wednesday evenings J-24 & Level PHRF
International Sailing School Inner Malletts Bay Wed evenings Solings
Lake Champlain Community Sailing Center Burlington Harbor Tuesday evenings JY-15, Laser, 420’s  (JY – 420 Rentals Available)
Lake Champlain Ice Sailing Lake Champlain and nearby ponds Every weekend (Winter). Call the ice line: (802) 985-1469 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              (802) 985-1469      end_of_the_skype_highlighting DN
Lake Champlain Racing Conference Lake Champlain Circuit Weekends PHRF
Lake Champlain Yacht Club Shelburne Bay / broad lake Wed evenings PHRF; Thur evenings & Sunday Afternoon JY/15; Weekend PHRF PHRF, JAM, JY-15, Mini-12
Northern Vermont Highschool Sailing Team Burlington Harbor Various 420’s
Valcour Sailing Club Cumberland Bay & vicinity Wed evenings + Sundays Sunday Small Boat Series PHRF, JAM, Portsmouth
Crew Call
Want to be Crew or Looking for Crew – try the Harborwatch Crew Call Please help me to update this information e-mail me
Organizations That Teach Sailing
International Sailing SchoolLake Champlain Community Sailing CenterLake Champlain Yacht Club
Performance Handicap Racing Factor (PHRF)
PHRF is the handicap system widely used on Lake Champlain. To race in a PHRF race, your boat needs a PHRF rating. For more information on PHRF Lake Champlain click here.Here are PHRF Databases from around the world (but remember PHRF Lake Champlain is LAW here): New England Narragansett Bay
Lake Erie Long Island Sound
Detroit Chesapeake Bay
Lake Ontario Northwest
Lake Michigan Northern California
Lake Lanier(Georgia) Southern California
San Francisco South East Florida
Lake Norman Okanagan, BC Canada