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Harbor Tugs Return to Port at Sunset

“Harbor Tug Facts; Historically tugboats were the first seagoing vessels with steam propulsion, providing freedom from the restraint of the wind. As such, they were employed in harbors to assist ships in docking and departure. River tugs River tugs are also referred to as towboats or pushboats. Their hull designs would make open ocean operation dangerous. River tugs usually do not have any significant hawser or winch. Their hulls feature a flat front or bow to line up with the rectangular stern of the barge”


Commonwealth of Massachusetts features some of the most pristine fishing and beaches. Not too mention its vast, fine dining estableshments along the shores

Boston Harbor, Boston Waterfront, Boston Seaport, Boston Marinas

Puritan colonist founded Boston, on September 17, 1630, not to be confused with the pilgrims who founded Plymouth colony. First incorporated as a town in 1630, and as a city in 1822, Boston is one of America’s oldest cities, with a rich social and economic history. What initially began as a homesteading community soon evolved into a mecca for social and political change!

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Cape cod Harbor Watch, news and information about traveling to the area ports and marinas and waterfront areas

There are times when you need to escape. Forget your worries. Act like a kid again. Those times call for a trip to the Cape or one of the islands. Each locale offers sun-splashed beaches and a laid-back attitude, yet all are unique in their own right. Famous for its rolling dunes and gable-roofed, gray-shingled houses, Cape Cod is where you’ll find outdoor activities and loads of fun family attractions.

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Gloucester Ma – Fishing,Boating,Harbor News,Marinas,Lobstermen Gloucester Ma

America’s oldest fishing port. Since 1623, Gloucester has been serving the world as a harvester of quality seafood. First named “Le Beauport” by Samuel de Champlain because of its beautiful harbor and scenic rocky shores, Gloucester has been a destination community ever since. Those seeking spectacular natural beauty, an energetic and picturesque working port,..

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Welcome to Maine – Also known as Vacation Land of the East Coast


An easy drive from New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, and eastern Pennsylvania for a day or a weekend trip, Connecticut is the picturesque southern gateway to New England. The northwestern part of the Constitution State – the Litchfield Hills – is rich with rolling landscapes, dainty villages centered upon town greens, lots of hiking and bicycling trails, and numerous antique shops.

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