Fishing for carp, bass, trout or other game fish means having all the right fishing gear and having the right fishing tackle. Make sure you have your, flies, lines, beads, lures, spinners clips, marker floats, plenty of hooks,and leaders, and swivels, its always a good idea to have a good net handy, some antiseptic, and forceps.

Choosing fishing gear including a rod and reel can be tricky.

Fish are getting larger and fighting harder the Bass, Trout and carp fishing equipment needs to be the best, please remember these are only guidelines when choosing a rod and that length and test curve choice will always remain a personal one. Both the feel and comfort of the right carp, bass, trout fishing equipment will play a big part – what suits one angler might not always be the right fishing tackle for another. For example, some of the more extreme fishing rod lengths and test require a good casting technique, in order to set them selves up for a catch. With this in mind, some fishing anglers prefer lower test curves to gain maximum feel during the fight that fish puts up. Whatever fishing tackle, length or test , you can be sure that it’s been tried and tested by scientists, design engineers, and fishing experts.

There are many techniques to fishing, and lots of different fishing tackle, fishing gear, and fishing equipment, to choose from. Its best to talk to some fishing pros.

Lake Champlain Fishing


Middlebury College, in conjunction with NOAA’s Great Lakes Research Lab, has placed a series of current meter moorings and temperature recorders at several locations in Shelburneburne Bay and Burlington Bay.

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On September 5th, Jeremy Haas of Colchester, Vermont, 11 years old, became the Junior Angler of the Year for the Green Mountain State Bassmasters. He beat a 15 year old, who had been Junior Angler of the Year for the past 3 years. Both were tied for first place going into the last tournament. To break the tie, the youngster with the largest lunker (heaviest fish) would win. Jeremy’s lunker was a 3.35 lb. largemouth bass vs. the other youngster’s lunker of 3.10 lbs.

Jeremy is also a member of the Vermont State Junior Bass Team which travels throughout New England to various tournaments. Having been involved in bass fishing for the past three years, this year is the first time he’s won with two 1st places and a 4th place. Jeremy attributes his success to persistance and lots of time on the water fishing with his family.

When Jeremy is not fishing, he is involved in soccer, baseball, street hockey and sailing. He enjoys helping other youngsters learn how to fish. He attends Colchester Middle School and is in the 6th grade.

Congratulations Jeremy, on a job well done!

Good Fishing

Lake Champlain is a superior lake for both the recreational and sport angler. With a wide variety of species and numerous tournaments, there are many opportunities to not only catch fish but win a prize. The species that inhabit the lake are quite diverse ranging from lake sturgeon, and channel catfish to trout, pike and bass. Some incredible fish have been caught off the docks in Burlington. So, you don’t need a fancy bass boat to catch a prize. Cold weather doesn’t have to stop you either. Lake Champlain is very productive when covered with ice and is known as the “Ice-Fishing Capital” of Vermont.

Give a man a fish and he eats for a day; teach a man to fish and he’ll sit in a boat with a line over the side and drink beer all day.

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