Portland Maine

Portland Maine, originally known as Machingonne by the Native Americans who first inhabited the area, was settled by the British in 1632.

As with most coastal communities in the early days of the America’s Portland was a trading and fishing settlement. Like Boston it soon became a mecca for shipping and trading companies looking to move products to and from the local area’s across the new country and overseas.

Portland Maine much like Portsmouth NH has maintained it’s historical charm within the old port city. Entire neighborhoods of red brick buildings dating from the late 1860s offer a glimpse of the careful craftsmanship and fine architecture of the era. The Old Port offers wonderful architecture has you walk down the streets viewing the past from the present day.

Today Portland Maine is a busy seaport as well has offering international flights from Portland International Jetport. The Downeaster Amtrak Train makes trips to several Massachusetts and New Hampshire points and the “Cat” can wisk you and your car across the water.

Portland shops, restaurants, entertainment and lodging offer something for every taste and budget. I-95 makes access between all the major cities along the coast easy and convenient.