How do you describe your vacation on the coast of Maine? A retreat in the Camden and Rockport area is a travel destination you have to explore! You might as well describe it as heaven. A perfectly blue sky and morning sun that warms your soul, soft breezes that sneak down narrow streets and intriguing shops aligning cobblestone walking paths. It is here that you will craft your own summer vacation on the coast of Maine.

What is there to do in the Camden-Rockport area? Get outdoors and join the fun! Play golf where the challenge of the fairways is equaled only by the beauty of the setting. Bring your bike – or rent one when you get here – and set off on a leisurely tour down tree shaded country lanes past lakes and ocean lookouts to lupine fields. Enjoy a sunny day in the country with a friendly horse, stroll flower bordered garden paths, hike to a mountain top for a spectacular panorama of sea and islands or stop by a meadow where the cows graze.

Time to enjoy a bit of the local cuisine! Outstanding restaurants offer world class dining prepared by heralded chefs. Or maybe your hankering for a mug of home made creamy seafood chowder on the go. There are none to surpass the freshest, native seafood than here in beautiful coastal Maine. No matter your liking, sit down to some real old-fashioned Down East cooking. It’s wicked good!

Many of our Camden and Rockport Inns, Bed n Breakfast and hotels, offer travel packages that will save you money and make planning your Maine vacation a breeze. Make the most of your visit to The Jewel of the Maine Coast, find lodging and dining that is most convenient for you. Lodging for a night or a week, you’ll find a welcoming smile and a great nights rest!

Whatever the season, whatever is pleasing, you’ll find plenty to renew your spirits and quicken your heart here in Down East Maine.