Middlebury College, in conjunction with NOAA’s Great Lakes Research Lab, has placed a series of current meter moorings and temperature recorders at several locations in Shelburneburne Bay and Burlington Bay. The current meter moorings are located approximately 10 feet below the surface at a lake level of 94.0 feet. The temperature recorders are small (3/4″ x 4″) devices and are located on existing anchors of boat moorings or navigation markers. If you find one that has broken free, please contact Dr. Tom Manley at 802 443 5000, ext 3114.

The latitude/longitude of the current meter moorings is as follows:
The moorings will be in place until early fall, 2000. Anglers are requested to give these locations a wide berth to avoid snagging gear in the mooring array. The locations are by DGPS and thus should be accurate to within 10 meters.

For furthur information, people may contact Dr. Tom Manley at the number above, or Dick Furbush, Captain- Melosira, at 656 2696.

Burlington Bay
44 28.359N
73 14.242W

Shelburne Bay mouth
44 26.748N
73 14.336W

Shelburne Bay
N.E. of Nun 4 – 44 26.428N
73 14.493W

Shelburne Bay – adjacent CWD intake
44 26.351N
73 13.937W

Shelburne Bay – mid/east
44 25.391N
73 13.937W

Shelburne Bay – east of LCYC
44 24.931N
73 14.093W