Cheetah Yachts Responds to “Sail City Challenge” Demise

Here, without editing, is the response received by Harbor watch from Cheetah Yachts with regard to the recent cancellation of plans for the “Sail City Challenge”.

Inasmuch as no good can come from divulging the details of why it happened, for the record, Cheetah would only like to thank Jock West for his efforts in trying to stage this event. The entire venue of the regatta was jock’s idea. We at Cheetah think that it is a good one. Cheetah stands ready, willing and able to supply boats to a new regatta when and if it can be arranged.

We do not know of any plans to hold a new regatta presently, although there is talk and effort directed to that end. The basis for this continued effort is based solely upon the overwhelming positive response to the event both before and after its demise. I am only guessing, but I would imagine that there could be an announcement, in the near future, of a larger event than originally planned.

Cheetah would also like to thank all of the other people that were involved in the development of the event. Kenny Read, Roger Marshall, Scott Allen, Charlie Ulmer, Bob Ames, and the Folks at North Sails all worked on their parts, most without compensation. Without their efforts an event such as this would not be possible.

Lastly, Cheetah would like to acknowledge the efforts of the individual teams. We realize that their efforts are yet unrewarded, and that the demise of the event may have caused them embarrassment with those that agreed to fund their participation. You have our commitment that, notwithstanding that Cheetah has been severely damaged by the withdrawal of Affinicom’s sponsorship of the original event, Cheetah will continue to stand beside Jock West however and if Jock manages to resurrect his event.


John Schimenti, President

Sail City Challenge Runs Aground! – 1/9/96