Ed Adams Covers the New Rules

The Lake Champlain Yacht Club hosted a seminar by Champion sailor Ed Adams of Sailing World, on April 5th at the Econo Lodge, South Burlington. Ed’s approach was to give a bit of rule history to help folks understand the historical rational for the rules. He then distilled the rules into 5 basic concepts:

1) Starboard Port;
2) Clear Ahead/Astern;
3) Windward Leeward;
4) Inside at a mark or obstruction;
5) Right of way must provide an avenue of escape.

Following this he went through part 2 sequentially explaining as he went using slides and overheads. One of the things he explained as significant was that a right-of-way boat no longer must hold course as to not interfere with the other boat from keeping clear. Provided the other boat has an avenue of escape, according to Adams, it is OK for the right of way boat to alter course to herd another boat or prevent a slam dunk. There where numerous questions with two hours not nearly enough time to cover the material, let alone the questions. The next new rules celebrity seminar is on April 26th in Braintree Mass by Dave Perry $35.00. A free local seminar will be held at the Malletts Bay Boat Club on May 17th at 10:00.