Lake Champlain Basin Science Center Seeks Executive Director

The Lake Champlain Science Center has been expanding its site located at the foot of College Street in Burlington. With the addition of a 12,000 square feet ecosystem science lab and the Center to eventually be replaced by a new 40,000 square foot facility the Center board decided it was time to get a full time director. Three of 8 million have been raised toward the expansion project. Raising the remaining 5,000,000 will be a major part of new director’s job. The new center is scheduled for a late 2001 opening and will feature numerous aquarium tanks the largest of which will be 7,500 sq. feet.

Currently Betsy Rosenbluth and Sarah Muyskens share the functions that will be covered by the new position. They hope to be able to stay on and coordinate projects after a new director is found.