Lake Champlain Land Trust Works to Preserve Eagle Mountain in Milton, VT

The Lake Champlain Land Trust (LCLT) is working to acquire and conserve Eagle Mountain in Milton—one of the most beautiful places on Lake Champlain.

LCLT Director, Peter Espenshade says, “This 226 acre property contains the highest elevations on the lake and truly stunning views of the Adirondacks, Green Mountains, and lake islands. The land is rich in history and wildlife. It will be a wonderful asset to the community.”

In 1995, the Hoyt family donated a 115-acre parcel on the Mountain to the Lake Champlain Land Trust. The Land Trust is now raising the funds to purchase the remaining 111 acres from the Vermont Electric Co-op. The complete property will become the public Eagle Mountain Natural Area, preserved for the community’s enjoyment. The Land Trust has until November of this year to raise the needed funds.

In addition to its stunning views, the property supports diverse plant and animal life. The land contains an extensive Sugar Maple and Ironwood community and upland White Cedars in the higher elevations. A rare plant, golden corydalis is found on the enriched rocky ledges of the property. Uncommon animal species such as coyotes, barred owls, silver-haired bats, purple finch and red fox make the land home. The property is a State designated deer herd area. For the past forty years, residents have enjoyed hiking, skiing and snow shoeing on the property. These natural and recreative features are too important not to be preserved.

Espenshade continues, “The Milton area has a crucial need for healthy family recreation opportunities and preserved nature areas. With many companies moving into the area, our children and families need public trails, educational opportunities, and access to preserved lands. It would be a tremendous loss if parts of Eagle Mountain were privately owned and developed. Public access is a pressing concern and our goal is to preserve this property and turn it into the Eagle Mountain Natural Area. The area will contain beautiful trails, open fields, and wonderful lookouts.” The LCLT, founded in 1978, is a member-based organization committed to protecting and preserving the land, wildlife habitats, and recreational opportunities of Lake Champlain. The have accomplished a number of major conservation projects throughout the lake, including the Rossetti Natural Area, Gramma’s Island, Marble Island, Law Island, Knight Island, Woods Island, Split Rock Mountain in NY and shoreline at Shelburne Farms. They are a leader in preservation of the lake’s precious wetlands, wildlife habitats, and recreation access. Through conservation of land, the LCLT is one party preserving the rich diversity of the lake.

The Lake Champlain Land Trust seeks to raise $138,000 to purchase the remaining 111 acres, endow its permanent conservation, and make it available for public use. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for them to preserve this special place. It is a wonderful preservation project—but the land trust can’t do it without the community’s help.

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