Lake Champlain Not So Great After All!

Congress reverses decision
Lake Champlain reverts to Not-So-Great Lake

As reported in the Burlington Free Press 3/25/98

After a month of complaining by the senators and representatives of the Great Lakes states, Senator Pat Leahy, D-VT., agreed with the two Michigan senators to a measure that would “make Lake Champlain a cousin instead of the little brother” to the other lakes, but still ensure it will receive the money that inspired the dispute.

The expanded definition of the Great Lakes was “only for the purposes of the Sea Grand fund,” Leahy explained. “But it snowballed into worries about whether we would have to … throw out our atlases. This is not just a tempest in a teapot. This is a matter of identity.”

Leahy worked with Michigan Senators Levin, D., and Abraham, R., to write a compromise that would both ensure Lake Champlain’s eligibility for the cash and the unchallenged greatness of lakes Erie, Huron, Michigan, Ontario and Superior.

This measure is expected to passed by the House of Representatives and signed by Precedent Clinton.