Lake Champlain primary site for DN Worlds

DN World & NA’sLake Champlain has been chosen as the primary site for the 1999 World and North American DN Ice Boat Racing Championships.

The Worlds are scheduled for Feb. 20 Registration and 7 races starting on the 21st. The North Americans will follow with 7 races scheduled. All racing must be completed by Feb. 27.

As you can imagine, the World Championships are a significant regatta and require excellent ice conditions. The actual site of the race is not decided until several days before the race begins. We will keep you posted as to where the race will be held.

The Worlds and NA’s were last held on Lake Champlain at Sandbar State Park in 1988. Boats travel from across North America as well as Europe to attend. It is “quite the show”. Make sure to mark your calendar!