NY & VT Bills introduced into State Legislature with some impact on Lake Champlain

Bills introduced into State Legistlature with some inpact on Lake Champlain


  • S.0022 ALLOWING CITIZEN SUITS FOR THE ENFORCEMENT OF ENVIRONMENTAL – This bill proposes to create a cause of action which could be brought by any person for enforcement of the environmental protection laws

  • H.0279 EXEMPTING VESSELS POWERED ELECTRIC MOTORS FROM REGISTRATION – This bill proposes to exempt vessels powered solely by electric motors from registration.

  • H.0239 RESTRICTED USE OF PERSONAL WATERCRAFT – This bill proposes to prohibit the operation of personal watercraft on the public waters of the state except on Lakes Bomoseen, Champlain, Memphremagog, and Seymour.

  • H.0229 ACCEPTANCE OF A NEW YORK FISHING LICENSE ON LAKE CHAMPLAIN – This bill proposes to stipulate that Vermont will accept a New York fishing license on the Vermont portion of Lake Champlain, provided that New York accepts a Vermont fishing license on the New York portion of the lake.

  • H.0002 MERCURY CONTENT OF FISH IN STATE WATERS – This bill proposes to direct the department of fish and wildlife to post the mercury content of the fish in all bodies of water which may be fished.

  • S.0016 WRB’S SURFACE WATER RULES ENFORCEABLE BY TICKET SYSTEMThis bill proposes to make it clear that surface water rules adopted by the water resources board are enforceable by the ticket system that applies to other violations by the operators of vessels.

  • A05654 Requires clear and conspicuous written disclosures when a damaged, repaired or rebuilt used motor vehicle or nautical vessel is sold or leased

  • A00249 Relates to regulations regarding the speed of vessels; repealer – Consolidates and standardizes provisions relating to the speed of vessels and makes other technical amendments; applies speed limits to all vessels and not just pleasure vessels and sets uniform speed limits within certain distance from shore.

  • A00348 Establishes licensing requirements and procedures for operators of pleasure vessels – Establishes licensing requirements and procedures for operators, 16 years of age or older, of pleasure vessels and provides for the boating safety and harbor management fund; the fund shall consist of revenues collected within NYS from the imposition of fees for licensing of vessels; provides that the commissioner of motor vehicles issue licenses based on holder having completed written or practical exam; no person under 16 years to operate a vessel without a licensed operator aboard.

  • A00941 Provides for public access to coastal waters and designated inland waterways – Authorizes cities, towns, and villages to require that public access be provided, or money in lieu of public access be used in a trust fund to acquire public access to the state`s coastal waters and designated inland waterways.

  • A00950 Makes provisions regarding nonpoint source water pollution control –Changes the authorization to a requirement of the commissioner of environmental conservation to adopt rules and regulations regarding non point source water pollution control.

  • A00958 Provides for a review of sewage discharge resulting from recreational uses and provides for establishing facilities to prevent such discharge – Enacts the “marine sanitation and debris act”; provides for a review of sewage discharge resulting from recreational uses and requires certain marinas to install and maintain facilities that pump sewage out of marine holding tanks on vessels.

  • A01204 Enacts the “Guy Kyler Act” making provisions relating to suspension of vessel operation privileges and motor vehicle licenses for operating under the influence – Provides for the suspension of vessel operation privileges, suspension of a vessel registration and motor vehicle licenses and registrations upon the conviction for the operation of a vessel while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

  • S01285 Creates new crimes of aggravated vehicular assault and vehicular murder for reckless operation of certain vehicles or vessels resulting in serious injury or death

  • S01532 Exempts vessels from the payment of sales tax when sold to nonresidents – 

    Exempts from the imposition of sales tax, the sale of a vessel to a nonresident of the state despite the taking of physical possession of such vessel in this state.

  • S01561 Provides that purchase of pleasure vessels will be taxed in county where purchaser resides and intends to use such vessel

  • S03960 Reduces the blood-alcohol level threshold for determination of intoxication – 

    Reduces the percentage by weight of the presence of alcohol in a person`s blood as shown by chemical analysis for purposes of determining operation of a motor vehicle, a boating vessel or a snowmobile while intoxicated; provides that the threshold for DWI is reduced from .10 to .08 of one percentum.

  • S04419 Provides speed limits for vessels near shores, docks, floats, piers, rafts or anchored vessels, as well as on rivers and lakes – Establishes a five mile per hour speed zone within two hundred feet of shore, a dock, float, pier, raft or anchored vessel; establishes a one hundred foot speed zone for various rivers, canals and tidal waters and for bodies of water for which a one hundred foot speed zone has been enacted by local ordinance; consolidates provisions with respect to speed restrictions on lakes.

  • S01825 Exempts certain vessels from registration requirements – Exempts vessels that are not equipped with an inboard or outboard or electrical engine capable of propelling the vessel in excess of 5 horsepower from registration requirements.

  • S00855 Provides free hunting and fishing licenses to disabled veterans for life– Entitles disabled veterans with 40% or greater service-connected disability to a hunting and fishing license free of charge and for life.

  • S00871 Provides for the suspension of a driver`s license upon a conviction of boating while intoxicated and vice versa – Provides for the suspension of a driver`s license upon a conviction of boating while intoxicated and for the suspension of the privilege to operate a vessel upon the waters of this state upon a conviction of driving while ability impaired or driving while intoxicated or under the influence of drugs.