Phish Donates $$ to Lake Champlain Preservation

Phish Donate Royalties to Preserve LakePhish, the Burlington born band gave their first royalties from its Ben & Jerry’s ice cream royalties to organizations that are dedicated to protecting Lake Champlain. Three grants, totaling $78,000 were distributed to the following organizations:

$20,000 for the Lake Champlain Land Trust to help complete the purchase of Rock Island, a half-acre island in St. Albans Bay that is a nesting site for the common tern, an endangered bird species.

$33,000 for the University of Vermont Ecosystem Science Laboratory.

$25,000 to the Lake Champlain Committee for its general operating expenses.

The band’s relationship with Ben & Jerry dates back to March 18, 1997. Phish joined Ben and Jerry on Ben’s birthday for a show at the Flynn Theatre in Burlington to benefit Lake Champlain cleanup and to celebrate the release of Ben and Jerry’s new flavor, Phish Food.