Sail City Challenge Runs Aground!

Jock West, Sail City Challenge organizer, resigned his position with Affinicom today, effectively canceling the Sail City Challenge. In a fax received at Harborwatch, West cites Affinicom for continued delay in delivering committed funds as the reason for his departure. “i can not, and will not do business in” this fashion” writes west.”

Although West reports that Affinicom promised the funds in week, he does not believe them due to prior broken promises. Trouble was evident when delivery was not made of prepaid long distance phone cards promised as part of the promotional package. This caused problems for teams depending on the cards for fund raising. Other promises of posters and banners were also not met.

Each of the twelve city teams have already put in a lot of work in fund raising, preparation, and even going through the application process. Ken Signorello, Burlington team manager, is one of twelve that will be in the embarrassing position of returning money, and apologizing to sponsors and all those who helped. The Olympiad, a South Burlington fitness center, had just sponsored the team with a training program to help get the team ready for the event.

“the real disappointment is that a great concept, well advertised and” promoted has failed due to the presenting sponsor’s failure to meet it’s financial commitments. This is bound to create plenty of ill will should there be an effort to restage the event.”says signorello.” At this point it appears that Affinicom has dropped the ball, and a great sailing event will not happen, at least this year.

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