Ship Shape TV, modeled after the home improvement series “This Old Hose”.

“This Old House” for boats Hosted by John Greviskis, Ship Shape TV is modeled after the home improvement series “This Old Hose”. Ship Shape TV is a weekly show and reaches over 30 million homes on the Speedvision and Sunshine cable networks. Greviskis, writes, directs, produces and stars in the show, which is designed to appeal to both power and sailboat owners. According to Greviskis, sail and powerboat owners share many of the same maintenance and repair problems.

Greviskis believes the show is more than just another how-to-show. He believes the program can educate and motivate people to feel better about the sport. He believes that too many people have given up boating because of the maintenance factor. By watching his show, Greviskis believes that boaters will be better prepared the next time their boat needs to be repaired.

Ship Shape TV began four years ago when Greviskis paid a local Florida cable TV operator to air his new show about repairing boats. It has grown significantly from that point, airing on Speedvision every Wednesday at 2100. Home satellite dish owners can find it at SATCOM C4, Transponder 11, audio 6.8, 6.2 MHz, Direct TV on channel 306, and Primestar on channel 175.

Except for the occasional fishing show that turns up on early morning TV, Ship Shape TV and the three other boating shows airing Wednesdays on Speedvision, there is little for the boater to watch. This is suprising considering according to Boat US, recreational boating is a $20 billion a year industry, with over 75 million Americans enjoying boating yearly owing over 20 million boats!