Vermont Citizens Advisory Committee Approves Action Plan

The Vermont Citizens Advisory Committee on Lake Champlain’s Future met on Monday January 18th and approved it’s action plan for 1999. The Citizens Advisory Committee is an advocacy group following up on work done by the Lake Champlain Basin Program in Opportunities for Action. The goal set forth by Chair, Buzz Hoerr, is to “shorten the time for achieving the goals of the plan.” He notes that New York has advanced its phosphorus reduction efforts such that it will achieve in seven years what was slated to take 20.

The action plan calls on the Vermont legislature to spend 4.4 million on initiatives to improve water quality, control nuisance aquatic plants and animals, enhance recreation and economic resources and protect cultural heritage.

The complete text of the draft is available for download here in Adobe Acrobat format. (See Side Bar)

Members of the Citizens Advisory Committee are:

Senator Jean Ankeney, Williston
Robert Beach, Vergennes
Eric Clifford, Starksboro
Art Cohn, Vergennes
Lori Fisher, Burlington
Roland (Buzz) Hoerr, Colchester, Chair
Peter Kreisel, South Burlington
Ralph Montefusco, South Hero
Rep. Mary Ann Parizo, Essex Junction
Chris Pierson, Williston
Sen. Elizabeth Ready, Bristol
John Roberts, Whiting
Gould Susslin, DDS, St. Albans
Kathy Sweeten, Burlington
Rep. Carolyn Yarnell, Colchester