April 12, 1999

Lake Champlain Basin Program Seeks New Program Manager

Champlain Basin Program is creating a new position of program manager to provide overall administrative and planning duties on behalf of the international Lake Champlain Steering […]
April 6, 1999

NY & VT Bills introduced into State Legislature with some impact on Lake Champlain

Bills introduced into State Legistlature with some inpact on Lake Champlain   S.0022 ALLOWING CITIZEN SUITS FOR THE ENFORCEMENT OF ENVIRONMENTAL – This bill proposes to create a […]
April 5, 1999

Local Sailors Set New Land Speed Sailing Record!!!

“Iron Duck” Sets World Land Sailing Speed Record On their second trip to Lake Ivanpah in the past five months, Bob Dill (Burlington) and Bob Schumacher […]
April 5, 1999

Burlington to Host Movie Production

A yet to be named move will be filmed in the area this fall staring Harrison Ford and Michelle Pfeiffer. Writen by a former Vermonter, Clark […]