August 1, 1998

Science Center Obtains $900K Grant

New 40,000 sq.ft building project planned By Chris Costigan By the summer of the prophetic year of 2001, Burlington residents and outside patrons will be visiting […]
July 23, 1998

Lake Champlain Land Trust Works to Preserve Eagle Mountain in Milton, VT

The Lake Champlain Land Trust (LCLT) is working to acquire and conserve Eagle Mountain in Milton—one of the most beautiful places on Lake Champlain. LCLT Director, […]
June 23, 1998

Chiott Marine Challenge

by Mark Gardner The sixth annual Chiott Marine Challenge was held on Saturday, June 6 in the Burlington Harbor. Thirty boats competed in five classes under […]
June 18, 1998

Lake Sturgeon Restocking Program Considered

There is a freshwater fish of such magnificent proportions that even the block busting gargantuan Godzilla would bow in complete and utter appreciation—before devouring it. This […]